“The good attention and response from Siraga, having in mind that we are a small customer”

Margarita Kovacheva, Technical and HSE Manager, Vitogaz Bulgaria

“The reactivity, the listening and the machines”

Frédéric Louis Kebe, Maintenance and New Works Manager, Vitogaz Senegal

“Reliability of the equipment, durability and reactivity”

Estelle Corbic, Deputy Technical Director, Oryx Oil & Gas (Switzerland)

“The excellent listening and commercial management”

Guillermo Arias Manzor, Operations Manager, Gasco GLP SA (Chile)

“The innovation and custom-built machines”

Laurent Sessa, LPG Manager, Visevica-Komp (Croatia)

"The respect and the professionalism"

Henri Porquet, Works Department Manager, Antargaz (France)

"The excellent communication and the teamwork for the development of our projects"

Carlos Villegas Siegel, Engineering and Project Manager, Lipigas SA (Chile)

"Reliability of the equipment"

Vitogaz Switzerland

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Products Catalogue 2014

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LPG bottling carousel
  • LPG bottling carousel
  • Cylinder admission unit on carousel
  • Electronic filling scales with load cell or massflow meter
  • Stationary or in line filling
  • Filling skid
  • Filling container
  • Weight resetting scale
  • Software for production management

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Safety & Control of the cylinder

Electronic leak detector (double version)
  • Weight check scale
  • Leak detector
  • Valve gasket detector
  • Leak detection check
  • Machine to check the valve flow limitor presence
  • Automatic detection of damaged collar ring
  • Multi-control machine for large capacity cylinders

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Valve and valve-protector processing

Valve screwing / unscrewing machine with torque control & display
  • Valve orienting machine
  • Valve opening and closing
  • Machine to check the torque
  • Valve screwing and unscrewing
  • Screwing and unscrewing of valve protectors

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Cylinder capping & sleeving

Streamer laying machine
  • Capping machine
  • Sleeve laying & shrinking machine
  • Steamer laying / removing machine
  • Label laying machine

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Additional equipment

LPG pressure regulation skid
  • LPG pressure regulation
  • LPG pumps and compressors

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Additional products to the LPG activity

Vapor Booster
  • Vapor Booster